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World Green Building Week 2018 – Productivity

Productive environments – Saturday 29th September

We spend up to 90% of our time indoors, so ensuring such environments are comfortable is paramount.

Thermal comfort plays a significant role in productivity. Temperatures which are too low inhibit dexterity in our hands while increases in high temperatures result in perceived lower air quality.

Higher indoor temperatures can also have health implications, such as increases in stress and blood pressure and facilitate the transmission of infection and diseases – an especially significant risk in healthcare environments.

Poor visual comfort also affects the performance of tasks – discomfort such as glare and reflections can cause eye strain and headaches.

Glazing is poor at preventing sound entering our buildings from external noises, such as passing traffic or noisy neighbours. Inside, glazing acts as a hard surface reflecting noise around the room. Where a softer furnishing could absorb this sound which negatively affects working environments.

Shading, integrated into building’s design, can help achieve thermal, visual and acoustic comfort.

Neglecting these aspects of building design can result in overall reduced productivity, increased costs and more frequent sick leave.

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World Green Building Week 2018

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