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Reducing Glare and Controlling Sunlight

The sun is a wonderful source of natural light but its power varies continuously and sometimes it is so bright that it causes discomfort

Natural light has proven health benefits – it helps regulate our body clocks, assists us in producing vitamins, renders colours correctly and reduces the need for artificial lighting.

However, the sun’s power can change significantly even over a short period of time. Shading products can be used to control light, minimise glare and reduce harmful UV exposure.

At times, sunlight can exceed 100,000 lux (1 lux is the light from a candle from a distance of 1 metre). By comparison, the recommended lux level for office work is 500 – so that’s a lot of light to control. Blinds and shutters can be used to regulate the amount of light you need.

Dark fabric colours are typically better at reducing glare but unless they have a solar reflective coating, darker fabrics can also absorb heat, especially in the summer months.

You can see a video on controlling light and glare here.

Automatic blinds linked to light sensors can ensure they adjust depending on light levels – more information here.

Reducing Glare and Controlling Sunlight
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