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Five ways blinds keep your home warm (research shows they are better at it than curtains!)

It’s no secret that exposed windows are one of the main causes of heat loss in homes during the winter. Glass isn’t a good insulator – meaning it allows warmth out and the cold in, in winter. Turning your heating up is one way to warm your room but covering your windows is essential to reduce draughts and cut your heating bills. With recent predictions from the MetOffice that Britain is expecting the coldest winter for a decade and snow could arrive as early as November, now is the time to start preparing your home for the coming chilly season.

Blinds don’t just look good, they are practical, cost-effective and energy efficient too. Read on to find out why blinds are an excellent choice for keeping homes warm through what might be a very icy winter.

Honeycomb style blinds are probably the most effective blind to keep heat in a room. Along with being great for privacy, honeycomb blinds (also known as cellular blinds) create a barrier between the room and the window surface whilst trapping air in the fabric’s cells.

Honeycomb blinds have been proven by Glasgow Caledonian University to be more efficient at preventing heat loss than heavy curtains. Where heavy curtains can reduce heat loss by 39%, honeycomb blinds were found to reduce heat loss via single glazing by a massive 60%. When deciding on new blinds, choosing a thicker fabric and one with a reflective coating is another excellent way to ensure your space stays toasty this winter. Blinds fitted in frames (sometimes called cassettes) or with channels at the side will also help retain more heat.

When you fit blinds, they can either be fitted inside or outside of the reveal. To maximise blinds heat retaining abilities, fitting outside the reveal is preferable. This is because it covers the whole window, making it thermally more efficient as there are fewer gaps for the cold air to pass through.

However, there is one exception to the rule of fitting outside the reveal and that’s shutters. Shutters are one of the most efficient choices for warmth due to their snug fit inside the window frame and because thick wood is a great insulator.

To get blinds or shutters that are specifically tailored to your home, speak to a local British Blind and Shutter Association member. They will be able to inspect your space and make suggestions on the best fabric, blind style, fit and finish to ensure the blinds or shutters you choose provide the best defence against the cold weather this winter.


Don’t forget to keep blinds open to harvest any winter sun and close them as the sun goes down to help retain this free energy – motorised blinds can even do this for you automatically.

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