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Top five ways blinds and shutters can improve your health and wellbeing
  • Improved quality of sleep by using blinds with a dim out lining.

Research shows that sleep quality is better when it’s darker. Simply, this is because it’s harder to fall and stay asleep when it is too bright.  The effect is the same whether it’s the sun or artificial light (street lights, internal lights etc.)

In more detail, this wakefulness is down to the human body’s circadian rhythm; which is linked to light exposure and means hormones are released which make you drowsy or wake you up, depending on how much light you are exposed to.

Dim out blinds are an excellent way of controlling the light that filters through to your bedroom.

  • Glare can be controlled, and light levels altered

All styles of blinds can be used to control glare. Glare can have a detrimental effect on eye health, and eye strain is a particular concern.

For example, working from a screen which faces a window or watching a television which has glare from the sun will make you strain to see and can cause sore and dry eyes.

Using blinds or shutters to reduce glare is a simple and effective method of controlling glare.

Research shows that blinds and shutters can reduce internal temperatures in buildings that are overheating. By closing your blinds through the hottest part of the day (10am – 4pm) you can reduce the solar gain that enters the building, meaning it won’t heat up as much in comparison to an uncovered window.

Overheating is known to interrupt sleep and impact students’ exam results due to a reduction in concentration.

Remember to draw the blinds before the sun reaches the window you are shading for the most benefit.

  • Blinds have soundproofing qualities.

Acoustic comfort is important to overall health and wellbeing; whether this is when you are trying to sleep or trying to relax, being able to block out some external noise will be beneficial if noise levels are intrusive.

Blinds are another layer between you and the source of noise and dependent on the sound levels, blinds can have an impact on acoustic comfort.

  • Blinds provide increased privacy

Whether this is a privacy screen, a roller blind, or a venetian blind all have the ability to enhance privacy as and when it is required. This is particularly useful for homes which are overlooked. 

Feeling watched can lead to anxiety, discomfort and stress. All of which will have a negative impact on health and wellbeing.

If you want to know more about how blinds and shutters can help contribute to health and wellbeing contact a BBSA member.


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